Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Altered Children's Songbook - Part 2

My "next week" turned into "next month or two", but here is part 2 of the Altered Songbook tutorial:

As I play the piano in primary I've had a lot of people ask me how I can find songs so quickly. The trick is to add tabs to each section of your book. Now when the kids want to sing "Book of Mormon Stories" you know it's in "The Gospel" tab and can flip there quickly and thumb through the pages until...viola!

These self-adhesive index tabs can be bought at any office supply store and are very easy to attach. Just follow the instructions. Try your first one on a scrap paper to be sure you get it just right. Remember to line them up just right so that you can easily view all of the tabs.

After the tabs are attached you can either hand write or print the section names on the labels and insert them into the tab. I have tried both hand writing and printing. I prefer the hand written tabs in different color ink. The ink can even match the color of the section. (blue for "fun and activity")

Have fun with this and enjoy easily finding those primary songs!

lady m

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